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This website is a tutorial website, were I will give you extremely detailed instructions on how to do things that I have had trouble with, and have found ways to do. Some people may say that a different way is easier, but I use different methods, because, generally, it is easier, or it is more time-efficient.

I am trying to get premium membership so that I can post roms on the website, as I am working on becoming a computer/game programmer. I have started working on a Game Boy/Color hack for Pokemon Red, but I will need constant reminders and support if you want me to finish it. I will post a version of it on a file sharing website, and I will post the link here when I upload it. I am putting a donation button at the bottom of this page were you can donate an amount of money that will be sent to my PayPal account. It can be $0.01 or more. Anyway, back to the roms. When I finish editing the rom, I hope to have created an entirely new world for Pokemon fans, such as myself, but this will take a while. I am hoping to get a job for Nintendo or Microsoft, but I doubt that will happen. If this rom actually turns out to be good, and anybody reading this works for Nintendo or Microsoft, please consider recommending I be hired or something of the sort. You can contact me using e-mail. My e-mail is